Tony Boloney’s Pizza Slaughterfest Has No Charity Sponsor ??? What Happened To Alex’s Lemonade Stand ???

What happened to Alex’s Lemonade Stand??

Mike and Greg Hauke , owners of Tony Boloney’s Pizza in Atlantic City, NJ have had “Alex’s Lemonade Stand’ as their charity sponsor for their last two “Pizza Slaughterfest” eating contests, in anticipation of raising money for that charity.

On their website they boast that in 2011 they had 7,000 people attend and had 100 vendors.  So OK, with such a great turnout why would “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” not return in 2012.  Well how about this;  the money raised was only $3500.00 [] .

I have known store fronts, such as real estate offices, that  raise this much and more in a single weekend by just setting up stands in the front of their offices.

I was there for the 2011 “Pizza Slaughterfest” and did see large lines coming out of the Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria , but right across the street they had the Alex’s Lemonade Stand and there was nobody in their line at all.

Let’s be frank, if you are advertising your event as a “fund raiser” for “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” then every effort should be made to raise the maximum amount of money for the charity.  A good example would be that for that day the Pizzeria only sell Alex’s Lemonade and donate those proceeds as well.

From what I witnessed in the last two “Pizza Slaughterfest” contests in 2010 and 2011 the majority of people are there to see the Pizza eating contest and show up at that time. I will admit that it is very entertaining.  So maybe they should rope off the audience section and  ask for a donation for admission to see the event, and then also donate that money to the charity.

I will give them credit for at least raising $3500.00.  But for such a large advertised event the money raised is very, very small.

It’s too bad because “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” is a great charity.

Regardless what charity might step forward to let their name be used in this event, they must be assured that the maximum amount of money possible will flow to them.   It would be advisable for them to set a minimum guarantee.



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