Open Letter To Mike Hauke | Tony Boloney’s | Pizzeria | Atlantic City | NJ

Open letter to Mike Hauke – Tony Boloney’s – Atlantic City – NJ

In response to his twitter rant to @atlanticcityluv on October 25,2013.

Mike, Let’s Be Honest.

Your Facebook Page that shows the Yelp Award to Tony Boloney’s does not say “#1 pizzeria voted on Yelp & Trip Advisor ” as you claim. Your statement is not true and misleading.

Your Trip Advisor Award posted on your Facebook Page does not say “#1 pizzeria voted on… Trip Advisor”

As such, your twitter entry of October 23,2013 is not true and misleading as well.

Yes, you did get a Yelp “average rating of 4 stars out of 5…”

Yes, you did get a Trip Advisor “certificate of excellence; 4 1/2 of 5 based on reviews.

Both of the above are impressive, but you are not “#1 Pizzeria voted on Yelp & Trip Advisor.”

Recent reviews on Trip Advisor of Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria – Doesn’t look like  a # 1  first class rating?  Tony Boloney’s ratings seem to be headed down and you need to pay more attention to whats going on to improve them.

Read recent Trip Advisor Reviews Below:

“Good but Overrated”

Reviewed October 21, 2013 NEW via mobile

Dumpy little place near the Revel. Shared the famous and award winning Ole’ sandwich. Very good but overrated to be sure. Had to buy water as they offered me tap water with no ice. Had lots of drinks on menu but really did not have them in the store. Parking was easy buy limited space on the street. Picnic benches to sit on and fair prices.

Visited October 2013

“Great Cheesesteak,Share the Fries”

Reviewed October 12, 2013

First and foremost, be aware (but not put off) that the joint is on the far both side and slightly less glitzy end of ahlantic city and the boardwalk. We Had lunch here with friends and tried a variety of things. The famed cheesesteak that Guy Fieri endorsed was good, the buffalo chicken sub was tasty too-large subs with generous portions. The vegetarian sub that a friend got was rather sad– lacked markedly in the stuffing department (about 1/3 the filling that meat subs had) and I think I’d go with a vegetarian pizza if I was going meatless. Don’t go for class–the tables were a bit wobbly and sticky, the plates paper and bathroom door was questionable to close (it’s a front door, like the kind on your house ,no joke) but food was tasty and price reasonable. 1 sandwich and some fancy fries would have been plenty to share amongst 2 adults. The menu is conveniently shaded in red and green for the carnivores and herbivores but be aware–their definition of vegetarian is questionable ( crab fries with crab meat were green–not what I would consider vegetarian). In any case, it was a good meal and I’d come back.


Reviewed September 13, 2013

We ate at Tony Boloney’s and found it all right but hardly world class. The shop is in a converted house in a depressed neighborhood and is bare bones — a counter, some tables, and a drink machine.We each ordered a slice of pizza and a drink. The pizza was very cheesy but other toppings were in short supply. In reading the articles posted on the wall, Tony prides himself on making artisanal pizzas rather than the standard varieties. Perhaps if we had ordered one of those our experience would have been better.

Yelp rating is a 4 out of 5.

Yelp letter DOES NOT  say “# 1 Pizzeria voted on Yelp…”

Remember, honesty is always the best policy.

The Atlantic City Roots Team.

October 26, 2013

1:26 am EST

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